METI applies innovative management and technology solutions to improve productivity and reduce costs for USDA Forest Service (FS) Natural Resource Management programs. METI also serves as a partner for our neighboring countries struggling to protect their national resources. We support international programs, research and development, inventory and monitoring, business operations, information technology, web and graphic design, and technical documentation. Our analysts have extensive experience in applying emerging tools and techniques to assist Forest Service managers enhance the management and sustainability of the nation's national forests and grasslands.

The following examples are representative of METI's partnership with Forest Service professionals tasked to manage natural resources amid global change:

Research and Development
METI supports the Rocky Mountain Research Station with insect sampling, landscape modeling analysis, and by designing and conducting surveys. Our support for the National Fire Plan includes providing analytical support, monitoring the effects of forest fire, and developing research database applications. Other tasks include monitoring environmental effects, providing stream flow assessments, protocol development, program and technical documentation. Recently METI supported the USDA Forest Service's requirement to develop and describe a conceptual approach to identify geomorphic, aquatic, biology, and riparian vegetation in stream flow needs.

Management of Ecosystems / Inventory & Monitoring
For over four years METI has been providing significant technical and research support to the Ecosystem Management Coordination staff. This support includes modeling impacts of new regulations and laws that address forest plan management, coordination and sustainability of National Forests and grasslands. METI also provides assistance in the acquisition of various forms of knowledge associated with resource inventory, monitoring and planning activities which all requires expertise across many program areas including ecological, social, and economic disciplines.

Business Operations
METI supports the Business Operations Deputy Chief's Office with a variety of business operations activities including strategic planning, management studies, source selection evaluation, internal communications, and program management support. In 2003 METI provided the USDA Office of International Programs overseas project financial support for emergency funding of international projects and individuals supporting those programs.

International Programs
METI provides the Office of International Programs in-country support for USDA and AID foreign disaster assistance, outreach, technical cooperation and development assistance programs. METI professionals provide the USDA technical assistance in information technology, training, financial management reviews and evaluation of proposals for international services. For example, we have supported the International Migratory Bird Program Coordinator in managing migratory bird projects. On another contract our program management specialists supported the Africa Program Development Assistant with a variety of business support and administrative services. Currently METI is supporting the Forest Sector Rehabilitation and Reform Program in Liberia. This program's goal is to restore the connection between communities and forests and expand the scope of community forestry.

Information Technology
METI supported the Office of the Chief Information Officer for the A-76 study of Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure. Services included the evaluation of proposals in the following areas of support: IT management and infrastructure design, integration, testing and delivery; security and information assurance; enterprise network, radio, voice, and video communications; server support; desktop support; electronic messaging and groupware; and all-risk incident support.

Database Management
METI analysts have designed and implemented databases for numerous projects supporting the USDA Forest Service. For example, METI created a fuels database for the Forest Service research scientist responsible for compiling and delivering information to managers planning fuel treatments activities. Database technology was utilized to develop an integrated, spatially-defined North American forest inventory database using the FAO ecological reporting framework and North America-wide protocols.

Technical Documentation
METI's technical editors have completed technical guides, system user manuals, publications, and presentations. The Social and Economic Profile Technical Guide is one of more recent technical guides written by METI. An example of METI's technical documentation support is demonstrated with METI's support in writing the "Resource Transitions" for the USDA Forest Service.

Training and Curriculum Services
METI provided the USDA Forrest Service training support for their National and International Fire Training Course in Jutipec, Mexico. Training analysts consulted with officials from the Mexico National Forest Commission and the Secretaria for the Environment and Natural Resources on translation and adaptation of training courses. We also assisted with classroom and field instruction for the Helibase Management Course. Additionally METI analysts provided curriculum development support for the USDA Forest Service for courses such as "S-290 Basic Fire Behavior" and "S-390 Intermediate Fire Behavior". On another contract METI provided assistance with organization and management of the Outreach and Partnerships unit of the USDA Forest Service's informative lunchtime seminar series.

Web Design
METI has developed web pages, web interfaces, and interactive web databases in support of the Forest Service mission. METI has also designed, implemented, administered, and supported Local Area Networks (LAN), internet gateways, and web servers for the Forest Service.

Graphic Design
METI has designed and produced presentation graphics related to ecosystem geography. Our combined scientific and communication experts have a unique ability to translate scientific and technical information into easy to understand graphics for audiences. They specialize in design and production of PowerPoint presentations, journal illustrations, and poster sessions for scientific and technical communities.
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